10 Reason’s for the Internet Pornographer’s Bill

There has been a furor about the proposed Protecting Children from Internet Pornographer’s Act, and the situation boils down to issues of privacy, free speech and effectiveness. Only a true sociopath could say that nothing needs to be done about child pornography and its appalling presence on the Internet, but just how to achieve the goal of eradicating this social illness is a matter of great debate. Presented here are some of the reasons put forth by supporters of the bill, as well as some of the related issues that  have been raised.

  1. Save the Children – If access to the net is cut off, the thinking goes, that will put a serious crimp in the operating capacity of pornographers who make their money through the Internet
  2. Taste – Though good taste is rarely an effective legal argument, shows like MTV’s “Skins” may be far enough over-the-line to fall under child pornography laws.
  3. Exploitation of Children – Proponents of the bill say it could help reduce the exploitation of children by reducing outlets for child pornography.
  4. Future exploitation – If the use of children in pornography is curtailed, then the future abuse of these children will also be curtailed.
  5. Public Awareness – This bill will bring to light social evils that are being perpetrated today, even as the public seems to reside in a state of almost complete denial.
  6. Privacy Issues – Supporters of the bill say that privacy rights are superseded by the rights children have to be protected from those who would abuse them.
  7. Blow to All Pornographers – Some people believe that steps taken against child pornographers will lead to a more generalized attack against all forms of pornography.
  8. “Consent” – The behavior of “consenting” adults may be one thing, but, as ridiculous as it sounds, some people make no distinction between that behavior and what abused children suffer through.
  9. Support Other Child Abuse Statutes – Unfortunately, child pornography is just one way in which children are abused, but supporters say that taking down child pornographer’s is a step toward eradicating other threats to the well-being of children.
  10. Mobile Service Providers – A major problem with the proposed legislation is that it doesn’t apply to mobile providers such as AT&T, a sticking point that has caused some who initially supported the bill to recall their support.

The wheels of government turn slowly, and it may be some time before any truly effective steps are taken to combat child pornography, but almost everyone agrees that we, as a society, need to do something, and we need to do something now.

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