10 Reasons People Have Several Email Addresses

Some people have one email address and it stays the same for years. Other people always seem to sending you notification that they are changing their email address. Then there are those who seem to be using different email addresses all the time. They can make your email address book very confusing. Which address should you send to? Are they all valid? Do they check them all equally? There can be many reasons for these multiple email accounts. Here’s ten of them:

  1. Spam. Sometimes one email account begins attracting a large amount of spam. When the user gets frustrated with having to deal with the spam, they sometimes simply open another email account and begin using the new one as well.
  2. Privacy. Individuals who don’t want to give out their primary email address to businesses, surveys and organizations, will often setup a secondary email account just for these types of situations. This way, their main email account doesn’t become cluttered with junk mail.
  3. Organization. Having different email addresses for different uses can be a means of organization. You could use one email just for things related to one of your hobbies and another just for an organization that you are a part of. This keeps everything in its own separate mailboxes.
  4. Personal versus family. Some couples will have one email address for themselves as a couple and then two separate addresses for each of them individually.
  5. Business. If a person has a business or uses email at their job, they will probably need a separate email address for their business related email from their personal email.
  6. Forgotten passwords. Occasionally people, especially kids and teens, setup email accounts but don’t use them regularly and then forget what password they used. Rather than dealing with trying to get the account open or the password reset, they simply setup another email account, leaving the other to collect emails unopened.
  7. Trial and error. Every so often, there is a new online email provider begging for new users. Many people will setup new email accounts with these new providers just to see if they provide services and formats that are preferential to the email accounts the user is currently using.
  8. Remote access. Although many people do not use desktop email programs at all, those that do may also want to have an online email address that they can access from any computer.
  9. Changing providers.  Another reason that you may have more than one email address listed for a person is that they have changed internet service providers and use the email accounts provided by their internet carrier. In these situations, some of the email addresses on your list for them may no longer be valid.
  10. Online accounts. People have google accounts and officelive accounts and yahoo accounts online. They use these accounts to access many different online services. Each of these types of accounts have their own email services as well. It is easy to setup a new email account with each of these different online services.

Sometimes the creation of multiple email accounts is very intentional and has purpose to it. Other times, the reasons can be much more random. If you are uncertain which email address to use for a person, send the question to them all, asking the address owner to reply back with the email address you should be using to contact them.

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