10 Tips for Using Twitter for Business

Twitter has grown rapidly into a mainstream communication tool, and businesses and entrepreneurs alike are still figuring out how best to utilize the technology. As with any cutting-edge tool, people have to figure out how to use the tool properly without getting hurt.. The learning curve is steep, and new data is available every day that will continue to be used to propel the evolution of Twitter. Presented here are some tips that have already been tried-and-tested, and may help you establish your own successful business use of Twitter.

  1. Get the Name Out – Twitter is easy to use, mis-use and abuse as a networking tool. The more people who follow you, the more you spread the brand, but be careful not to turn it all into spam.
  2. State-of-the-Art Image – There is still a “new” air to Tweeting, something the now-ubiquitous cell phone used to enjoy, and people who are constantly Tweeting think (often erroneously) it makes them look cool and modern. Don’t overdo it.
  3. Search – Keyword search and other customization tools allow users to broaden or narrow marketing approaches, and to better target specific demographics.
  4. Do it Right – There’s nothing worse than an old dinosaur looking like an old dinosaur. If you don’t know how to use Twitter, don’t try to fake it; get your kid to help you out.
  5. Promotions – Opening galas, week-day specials, midnight madness, Thank-Goodness-it-Isn’t-Monday-Morning or any other reason to celebrate can provide an opening for effective Tweeting.
  6. Fast Polling – Twitter is a great place to get instant feedback; in old-school ad-speak, just run an idea up the flag-pole and see if anyone salutes.
  7. Make Nice – The Golden Rule approach will serve well for those who wish to maintain an enlightened self-interest; treat others the way you would want to be treated (as long as you like being treated nicely).
  8. Not 24/7 – Just like other furtive online behavior patterns like texting and internet shopping, Tweeting is best relegated to the background of the business environment; co-workers will talk about someone who shirks work to spend time on Twitter.
  9. The Brass Section – To use as an effective networking instrument, don’t just toot your own horn, but help promote those who have helped you. Word-of-tweet goes a long way toward establishing business goodwill.
  10. Picture – If your profile picture doesn’t make you look like a mob hit-man, go ahead and use it; people like to put a face to a name, particularly if you provide a personal service.

Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes, and remember to try to learn from your mistakes. If you do this, and remember the Golden Rule, then Twitter can become a superior business tool as well as a valuable social contributor.

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