10 Unusual Sites to Visit for Quick Book Reviews

You can always visit the top book sellers to read reviews of the newest and most popular books, but if you are looking for something a little more specialized you might want to check out one of these book review sites. Each one has its own special focus that meets the needs of certain types of book lovers.

  1. Allreaders.com – This site doesn’t have a glamorous look but it makes up for it in its functionality. You are not limited to genre, title and author in you search. You can get much more specific about types of character or types of plots that you enjoy.
  2. Notes from the Windowsill – This review site is focused specifically on children’s books that are loved by adult readers. The site allows searches by theme or content, rather than author or title.
  3. BookNews.co.uk – This UK website provides listings and reviews on the newest books out in areas of science, technology and medicine. Its listings are done by date with the newest releases listed at the top. You’ll find subjects from agriculture to psychology and everything in between.
  4. Locusmag.com – Locus Magazine’s website provides you with reviews on science fiction and fantasy books and has quite an extensive listing in its archives.
  5. ARD-Anthropology Review Database – A very specialized book and film review site. The topics on this site tend towards the scholarly study of human behavior. Biographies of the reviewers themselves are also available on the site.
  6. Webdeveloper.com – If you’re an internet geek, then this review site is for you. The books listed here are all about website development. This is the hard core of geekdom.
  7. ForwardReviews.com – An independent reviewer of books put out by small press publishers. If you’re looking for the newest rare find in reading material, you may want to try this site.
  8. BookBrowse.com – This is a true book-lover’s website. Not only can you read reviews but samples from some the newest most popular titles. It also features book clubs and the opportunities for members to read and review new books before they are available to the public.
  9. DannyReviews.com – This individual reviewer allows you to search his reviews by country or global region, as well as specific genre and his personal recommendations. A very interesting site to browse through.
  10. Leonardo.info – A very specialized site. Reviews on this site deal with the convergence of art, science and technology in the current world culture. If you’re looking for current trends in culture you may find what you are looking for here.

Not all readers are looking for books on the best sellers list. If you’re into some more technical, more philosophical or just need a more detailed search of fiction titles, there are other options available to find these books on the web. These sites will help you find those gems that are especially tailored to what you’re looking for.

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