10 Sites That Help You Prank Your Friends

If you’re the type of person that loves a good practical joke and you’re looking to add some new pranks to your repertoire, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve assembled a list of websites that, as it just so happens, unabashedly cater to the pranksters among us (you know who you are!). So without further ado, read on and revel in ten sites that will help you pull the perfect prank on your friends: 

  1. Google Wireless BroadbandSend your friends to this link, and let them figure out for themselves just how gullible they are, and what a prankster you are. Rave about the coverage and the super-fast installation.
  2. Kodak.comGot a techie friend who’s always the first on his block to own the latest gadgets and gizmos? Send him here for the next big thing in photography. We’re certain his gratitude will be eternal.
  3. Kidzworld.com  – Here’s a site for the kids to sample some harmless fun, and all at the expense of a few friends. It was meant for an April Fool’s Day joke, but we can all agree that good pranks are never out of season.
  4. YouTube DVD CollectionYou know that friend of yours who’s always sending you the latest viral video from YouTube? Well, now you can send him a link where he can order his own personal DVD collection of YouTube’s greatest hits.
  5. Gmail TapThe brilliant minds at our favorite search engine have done it again. This is a must-see for your text-happy friends. Show them a way to send their text messages with just two keys, and how they can multi-text to boot!
  6. PrankDial – While the site isn’t free, it does start you off with three free prank calls that you can send your friends to get them completely flummoxed. What could be more gratifying, or money better spent, than that?
  7. Zug.comThere are lots of pranks to choose from here! Go to their Ideas tab for a list of suggested pranks to use on your friends if you need a little direction. Some of the other links might take you into NSFW territory, so be forewarned.
  8. Prankbot.com – For the lazy pranksters out there, this site provides a list of pranking options that can be done for you. All you need to do is fill out a form providing the necessary info regarding your victim and any other data that will give the prank authenticity and, voila!, your prank is sent.
  9. Air HornWe liked the idea behind this mock motivational poster so much that we included it here as a prank idea. This one looks like it would go over really well in a funeral home or doctor’s office. However, we shall disavow any knowledge of your actions if contacted by morticians or physicians of any sort.
  10. Maniac WorldIf scary is your thing, this site’s the place to go for ideas and videos of jump-out-of-your-skin good times. Just be sure to choose your victims carefully… and by that, we mean not someone hooked up to a respirator or a pacemaker, OK?

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