10 Ways to Broadcast Your Love Online

Once upon a time, those who fell in love wanted to “shout it from the rooftops.” In today’s society, proclaiming your love far and wide is quite simple: a few keystrokes and a click, and everyone knows that you’re off the market. Here are ten ways to shout your love from the virtual rooftops, informing the world that you’ve found the One.

  1. Changing Your Facebook Relationship Status – These days, the quickest way to let friends, family and acquaintances know that you’re in love is to change your relationship status. When you click that “In A Relationship” radio button, everyone in your circle will be notified that you’re no longer available.
  2. Hashtagging a Tweet – If you want to reach a wider audience, you can’t go wrong with the Twitter hashtag. Searches for a specific tag will send users that you’ve never met to your feed when your hashtag is in the results.
  3. Updating Your MySpace Profile – For those who are truly committed, nothing says, “I love you” like blowing the dust off that old MySpace profile to update your relationship status. If you want to be sure that all of your bases are covered, this is a great way to get your point across.
  4. Deleting a Dating Site Profile – If you met your newly beloved on a dating site or even if you simply have a profile floating around in cyberspace, deleting that baby is a sure-fire way to show your commitment.
  5. YouTube – There are millions of videos on YouTube, and a significant chunk of them are vlogs dedicated to the besotted. Creating your own vlog post for YouTube will send news of your love affair flitting around the globe in no time.
  6. Tumblr – When it comes to microblogging, Tumblr has the market cornered. Because the site allows sharing of text, pictures and music, creating a fully immersive love-letter experience on Tumblr is a snap.
  7. Penning a Blog Entry – If you’re more of a traditionalist, skip the microblogging and go for broke with an entry to your blog dedicated to your lover and their many charms.
  8. Facebook Wall Posts – A well-chosen song posted on your lover’s wall via YouTube or a carefully selected quote can brighten their day, and let everyone on their friends list know that you’re mad about them.
  9. Status Updates – Our society is obsessed with documenting our every move for Facebook status updates; why not post one celebrating your new love? Tagging your significant other in the update will let all of their friends see it as well, reaching a wider audience.
  10. Relationship Forums – There are forums dedicated to those who are in love, allowing them space to gush about their beloved to like-minded members. Joining up gives you an outlet for all that emotion, but keeps your friends and family from being tempted to block your Facebook posts because they’re tired of hearing about your love life.

Love makes us do crazy things, but it’s important to remember the basic guidelines for online safety. Posting real names or pictures on forums or other places where strangers can access your words might not be wise; choose your content carefully if your blog or other medium has open access.

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