The 10 Best Airports for Business Travelers

People who travel a lot for business usually express a high appreciation for airports that are equipped with the latest amenities that make their lives easier. Whether it’s getting through security lines faster, having convenient locations, or coming complete with business friendly technology, anything to make their frequent travels more bearable is an automatic plus. Several rating agencies are continually surveying business travelers for their feedback when trying to locate the top airports, and after looking at the results of various ratings I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best airports for business travelers.

  1. Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood – Frequent business travelers appreciate the technology available at this Florida airport along with its convenient location and the ease of getting around. Facilities, staff and security also ranked high among those surveyed.
  2. Pittsburgh – Pennsylvania travelers rank Pittsburgh’s airport high on their list of airports to fly out of. Shopping and dining were two areas business people cited in recent surveys as being top-notch. These amenities coupled with great customer service were well received by frequent flyers.
  3. Portland – Tired and cranky business travelers find Portland International airport a welcome change of pace. Receiving top ratings in almost every area, PDX gets their travelers on their way with ease, while also maintaining top security.
  4. Ronald Reagan National – Getting through security is a breeze at Reagan National with separate security lines at each terminal. Abundant seating throughout the airport is a welcome change for weary travelers and helps make it the top rated US airport.
  5. Tampa – Frequent flyers are likely to recommend Tampa International to their fellow business travelers. They give positive evaluations in areas such as getting to and from terminals, airport facilities, boarding, and baggage handling.
  6. Copenhagen – International travelers feel connected in Copenhagen with electronic signs posted everywhere. Functional and friendly, this airport has light and open spaces, and is notoriously easy to navigate.
  7. Hong Kong (Chep Lap Kok) – Asian visitors can fill any flight delay time with a round on their 9-hole golf course, which is a welcome diversion to the rigors of business travel. The added convenience of two downtown trains that allow you to check baggage and print boarding passes also enhance the overall travel experience.
  8. Seoul (Incheon) – Business people traveling to South Korea appreciate the 83% on-time record of the Seoul airport. Their 5-star rating makes them a favorite among frequent business flyers from around the world.
  9. Singapore (Changi) – Tired travelers can catch a nap or watch a movie in between flights at this top rated airport in Japan. Free internet, refreshing terminals and helpful staff are just some of the reasons business travelers like Singapore.
  10. Zurich – Immigration and security that is efficient and quick is a plus on international flights through Switzerland. Signs are easy to find and the underground train makes transfers between terminals a snap.

These airports have all been mentioned in several top ten lists compiled by different organizations. Catering to the business travelers’ needs is the bread and butter of these airports so they all seek good reviews. When companies have a choice of flights to book, a pleasant and efficient airport can be worth the extra money to their traveling staff. Hopefully your next business trip will take you through one of the best airports instead of one of the worst.

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